FinTech | Payment Solutions

Maxana provides payment tools, integrated payment gateways, as well as bespoke technology and software solutions for leading e-commerce companies, financial institutions, large enterprise organizations, and numerous small businesses.

Maxana’s technology solutions will enable you to be more efficient, flexible, and competitive in the global marketplace. As the leading FinTech solutions payment company, we set the standard in delivering practical SaaS-based solutions for all your technology transaction needs.

Fintech Reinvented

As the premier FinTech payments company, we are also experts in secure payments, AI, blockchain, and cloud-based solutions. Coupled with our focus on big data, we’ll be able to help you analyze existing trends, forecast new ones, and design not only payment processing software but also security protocols to help you protect your network and your critical assets.

With Maxana’s payments solutions, you won’t need anything else. We integrate leading payments technology to help with all transactions, including credit cards, ACH, Stripe, PayPal, Venmo, and multiple other payment methods.

E-Commerce Solutions

While digital marketplaces are websites where many businesses share the site to buy and sell, an e-commerce platform is designed specifically for you. You will be able to leverage the personal touch that you can provide to your customers on this platform after seeking them as prospects. Finding and converting prospects on an e-commerce platform is more difficult than on a digital marketplace. Keeping their attention is harder on a digital marketplace than on an e-commerce platform. Therefore, the two items compliment each other. You can use both to boost your business in new channels and to find, attract, and convert prospects into customers.

Software Development

From simple solutions to most the complex projects and integrations, Maxana will help you brainstorm, design, and create new products and services. We embody the agile workplace concept and we will always assign you the optimal and best experts for any project. Transparency is key to this kind of an arrangement and we want you to have an outstanding experience and an open dialogue with us at all times. We strive to achieve best-in-class results with our clients, and you can rely on our attention to detail and critical knowledge and expertise to drive your ROI.

SaaS Platforms

Whether a FinTech payment gateway, an e-commerce platform, your business’s profile on a digital marketplace platform, or virtually anything else under the sun, Maxana will design, build, and implement the product and solution you require in a cost-effective and rapid manner. We are creative, driven thinkers and subject matter experts who believe the phrases “We’ve always used it,” or, “We’ve always done it this way” are death knells for innovation and growth. To the contrary, Maxana focuses on fresh thinking, design, and forward-thinking principles to drive high ROI and practical solutions for your business.

Payment Processing

Not every company will need the same kind of online payment software, which is why Maxana designs systems for our clients from the ground up. Bespoke software, off-the shelf solutions..whatever your company needs, Maxana we’ll deliver it in a cost-effective, rapidly deployable manner.

Staffing Services

There might be times when you need well-trained and experienced people to come to your company to help you implement an all-encompassing FinTech solution. Your chief technology officer can liaise with us as we work to instruct you and your employees in how to use the bespoke software that we created for you.

The training would include “how to,” “what to do if,” and both the employees’ and CTO meaning within the framework of the new systems. For the software to work seamlessly, it has to be agile in the same way that the most successful companies in the 21st century are agile workplaces. When we provide you with a staffing solution, we’ll model the way an agile workforce is supposed to be even if we don’t teach it to your company directly.

Should you need a demonstration of the power, security, and versatility of your new bespoke software, then we’ll handle that for you too. Because we’ve done all the relevant software development prior to delivering the product to you, we’ll be the experts in how it works, making us the most effective presenters to your customers. Your customers must have trust in your systems if they’re going to do business with you, and we’ll help instill that kind of trust in them.

Maxana delivers value for our customers

At Maxana, we pride ourselves on our execution and ability to deliver state-of-the-art FinTech solutions, including Stripe, to our clientele.
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