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Create a holistic plan to target goals and objectives.



Build, drive, and measure execution pre and post-assessment.



Recognize the value of your investment. 



Monitor and adapt as needs change

Focus on creating value for your company , let us help with execution

Our advantages

  • Fintech domain expertise
  • Strategic mindset
  • Culture of execution
    • Focused practical outcomes
    • Measurable success criteria
    • Diverse leadership
  • Expertise in several technologies
    • Stripe Certified Solutions Architect
    • Stipe Certified Developers 
    • AWS experts 
    • Azure experts
    • ServiceNow
    • Salesforce
    • Data Science, engineering, analytics, warehousing
    • Java, C#, Python, SQL, and many more

We make it easy to work with us

Guiding you through difficult decisions building bridges to make your destination and path accessible. Working alongside you to define the criteria for success and then realizing it together as a team. 

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Common Pitfalls

The Bait and Switch

Most professional services firms often bring their “A-Team” during the sales process. Once the dust is settled those individuals are no longer present in the day-to-day execution leaving you with B or C team members. If you have experienced this then you know how detrimental and frustrating this situation can be. Maxana’s execution team will be consistent from sales and scoping through execution and target achievement.  You can count on us being there the whole way through.

Lack of Vendor Agnosticism

Many professional services firms have an inability, to be an honest broker. These Firms have significant financial motivations to encourage their clients to purchase major platforms. Some of these firms have consulting practices that are in the billions. Maxana’s approach is different. We work with you to determine which platforms are best for your company. Our approach is not a one size fits all. We will be your advocate and look at technologies that best serve or support your mission and budget.

Questionable Value

Working with the top professional services companies can be extremely expensive.  These Firms have significant overhead and are more than happy to pass on those costs to their clients. Maxana is your most affordable and cost-effective solution. We will not surprise you with change orders or continuously argue about scope. We are effective at both managing costs and delivery. Our commitment is to work closely with you to make sure collectively we are on track to delivering the value you expect.



Representative outcomes with
Fortune 500 Companies

Over 20 Million In Loss Prevention Annually

The client was a victim of over 20 million dollars in fraudulent payment activity. After working alongside our fraud team of experts we were able to prevent further losses and apply best practices across their program. 

Securities Refiling Avoidance

As a result of the fraud that occurred in previous years, the client had to restate their earnings to the US government’s Security Exchange Commission (SEC). Maxana working closely with the client was able to build stronger fraud prevention algorithms to avoid future potential refiling

Simplified Fraud Prevention

The client had a complex set of nonperforming fraud systems that did not communicate effectively. Leveraging better architecture and design, our engineers were able to support the development of a more robust and scalable fraud solution.

Can you risk your goals not being delivered?

At Maxana, we are all about one simple thing: execution. From start to finish, our subject matter experts and engineering professionals will guide and assist you step by step, solving a wide-range of technology and development problems to help your business succeed. We are results-oriented, pragmatic, and will help your business efficiently and rightly execute.

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